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Important Covid Information

It is with great excitement that the NSW Govt has reviewed their position on indoor pools, allowing Starfish to re-open with certain conditions. 


  • Learn to Swim will open from Monday, October 11th (Double vaccinated)

  • Squads will open from Monday, October 11th (Double vaccinated)


  • Walking will open Monday, October 11th (Double vaccinated)


  • All members are welcome from Dec 1st. (This may change and will let you know if this is brought forward )

  • Aqua Aerobics will open on Monday, November 1st (Double vaccinated). No bookings required.


New procedures from Monday October 11th 

To ensure we comply with govt regulation we have changed the entry to have an entry and exit point.  All members over the age of 16 must adhere to the following conditions every time they enter the premises:


  • Sign into Starfish QR code

  • Proof of double vaccination or medical certificate exemption will be required

  • A mask is required whilst in the premises 

  • Apply social distancing at the 1 person per 4sqm rule 

  • Use of showers will remain 2 at a time.

  • New baby change facilities 3 at a time

  • Additional spectators are not permitted to ensure we meet social distancing.

    • Additional carers for parents with additional children are accepted.  


Not following the rules, Starfish may incur a fine of $5000 and individuals $1000. Please understand after a significant shut down this is not something Starfish can afford or control. 


Please work with our staff to make this process a seamless as possible, once we understand more rules in December, we will update you.


Thanks for your understanding.  


Starfish Management  

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