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How Swimming Is Helping Your Body!

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Most people don’t know this, but an hour of swimming burns almost as many calories as running, without the heavy impact on your bones and joints! Spending time in the pool is a fantastic way to work your entire body and here are a few of the perks:

Builds strength, endurance and tones your muscles

One of the greatest benefits swimming provides is that it's a workout for your entire body. How so?

  • It increases your heart rate without stressing your body.

  • It tones your muscles.

  • It builds strength.

  • And endurance too.

...including your insides

While your muscles are getting a good workout, so is your cardiovascular system. Swimming does wonders beneath the surface like strengthening your heart and lungs, lowering blood pressure and controlling blood sugar.

Improves coordination, balance and posture

When you go for a swim, you’re using multiple muscles simultaneously, allowing your joints to become loose and flexible, which is pivotal for balance. Not only this, but activity in the water is known to reduce back pain, enhance muscle coordination, decrease soreness, and improve posture.

Stress reducer We live in such busy times and it’s not uncommon to find yourself stressed with all the commotion, hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s comforting to know that research is showing people that swim find their stress levels decrease after time in the water.

Helps maintain a healthy body weight

When we think of losing weight, often cycling, running and crossfit comes to mind, but we shouldn’t forget about swimming! Laps in the pool are a fantastic way to burn calories. This will vary depending on your weight and how vigorously you swim, but next time you’re looking at a way to keep fit and healthy consider going for a swim.

Increases respiratory capacity & function

Time in the water is excellent for building lung capacity. Swimming activates muscle groups that require large volumes of oxygen to perform their task, so when we’re engaged in aerobic exercise, our heart rate increases alongside our lung efficiency.

Decreases inflammation & improves immunity

Swimming helps keep your blood moving. When your circulation improves, it boosts your body’s ability to move oxygen and nutrients to cells that need them which is extremely important to keep us healthy. It also helps your body remove waste which can reduce inflammation and help your immune system do its important work.

Now, when it comes to your immune system, that improved circulation delivers vital nutrients to your bone marrow which is your immune system HQ! A safe way to exercise If you suffer from arthritis, injury, have a disability or an issue that makes high-impact exercises difficult, swimming is a wonderful option. In some cases, swimming may even help reduce or relieve pain and help you to recover from an injury.

These are but a few of the benefits…

Swimming does wonders for your health both mentally and physically and there’s a whole lot of other great reasons why you should try and swim more, from boosting your mood to having fun and feeling confident in the water. Next opportunity you get to take a dip, we recommend you dive in!

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